~a cody update~

well the vets called and because cody was so good and let them examine him properly they were able rule out anything stuck in his throat, they took a load of blood for testing and it turns out he has a really bad tummy bug.

it seems there is a bug going around our area and some dogs, cody for instance! are not responding to their original antibiotic treatment and so become worse, needing a stronger dose of antibiotics.

this means no sedation, x-ray, anesthetic and endoscope! what a relief!

they have put him on a drip however and keeping him overnight because he had become so dehydrated~hopefully in the morning he will finally get to eat and all being well we shall have back home with us soon after.

oh but it is so quiet here without him-it was horrible coming home with none of the usual wild, springer greeting and it is so quiet without him wandering around with his tags on his coller tinkling away. he has been so poorly that all of his christmas presents are still sitting, untouched and his bowls, washed and sitting ont
the counter top.

still fingers crossed we will be back to springer mayhem tomorrow or soon after!