sending out thoughts of thanks to all of you sending me good wishes at this time.

i have to say i woke up feeling cross with myself this morning for allowing it all to overwhelm me and so intrude into my blogging~a place that i always vowed would never become a place to moan and whine about my health~people have enough problems without coming here to have my moaning.

so i will try to keep it out of my blogging.

but i did think about it in the night and thought of my/our blogging friends who are ill and whose conditions sometimes cause them to bring into the blogosphere.
so, and i hope they don't mind, can we spread out some healing thoughts to those who are struggling right now?

i did wonder in the night if it was selfish to ask for some gentle, healing thoughts, not for the world but for individuals?

i have to say the recent post from the wonderful amber moggie struck a chord with me...her words reflect, even though the illness is different, words and thoughts that go through my head.

but that's quite enough of that.

we are coming out of the other side of two days of really wild weather~heavy rain and near gale force winds. sitting in 'pretty pagan' helping swampy...well actually providing moral support, in the building of the interior that will enable us to go camping, the wind roared around us and i could sit and watch the leaves whirl up into the air showing the shape of the gusts of wind, the trees were bending wildly and i was wondering whether any would actually fall. a few times the gusts would increase, we could feel it gathering strength and actually blow under the camper-almost raising her from the ground.
last night it began to settle and today i woke to total stillness and blue skies-the birds are going about their business without the fear of being blown off course. i am sitting here in the pool of sunlight that is coming though the window and i can hear the birds singing.

how is the weather where you are today?