~so it begins~

i am now on the gynecological conveyor belt

i managed to bring my hospital appointment with the gynecologist forward by two weeks and so yesterday afternoon saw me waiting...and waiting...at our local hospital.

i finally found out how large my fibroid is, 6 x 7cm so no wonder i have been having so much trouble.

in discussion with the gynecologist it was agreed that because of the size i need to be knocked out and have it investigated by camera to see exactly whats what~whether it is fully in the womb, partly in the wall of the womb, whatever.
he said the option of going in a shaving layers of it away is not an option because of its size and his repeated questioning of whether i wanted children~the answer is no~is maybe directing his plan of my having surgery.

i am now hoping that my conveyor belt will move quickly.i am having so much trouble now~laying to sleep is uncomfortable because i think gravity must be at work and pulling fluffy down, walking is getting uncomfortable because i have this dragging feeling with each step, the dragging back pain is getting more frequent and i now have pain and nausea when i eat and drink and even sitting and the cough i still have is giving me pain.

its also just making me miserable and tearful~i can cope with my m.e and diabetes but this is something altogether different~a constant dragging pain that is taking away my smile and pulling me down with it.