~can you hear me rattle?~

man alive!

i had a doctors appointment today, originally just to discuss my seemingly never ending cough/sore throat (all clear, just taking ages to go) and ask a few questions about my present passenger, fluffy.
i had the scan, was told what it was and since then have been left in limbo until my gyne appointment at the end of this month. so of course i had some questions re all my symptoms. turns out the hospital had not sent the results to my doctor and he didn't even know i have my rather large passenger!

still that's by the by~i shall live with my ever increasing symptoms...add to the symptoms of my m.e constant moontime pain/cramps without the moontime, increasing nausea, especially when laying down, horrendous dragging pain in my lower back, pain when eating..blah blah blah. apparently its the size affecting everything else within its range.
i am starting to think fluffy needs to be re-named something less fluff like

unfortunately, before i had a chance to make a break for it the topic of my diabetes and my last blood tests popped up like an unwelcome visitor~the result being i have been put on another diabetes medication to take alongside my present dose and statins for high cholesterol.

the thing is i don't eat badly, i love my vegetables and good healthy food. my doctor reassured me that it was part of my diabetes and also to remember my dad had a massive heart attack when just in his mid-fifties...it seems its just part of me.

so...keep your ears open, you may well hear me come rattling along!

the good thing is i am determined to drag myself out of my miserable, health inspired(or rather lack of health!) funk...its doing me no good at all.
i am hoping my new instrument will arrive today, i have caught up with my studies and had an okay pass grade for my first piece of work on Homer...i will accept it as okay, as opposed to the A grades i was getting on my last course, as i was so ill when i wrote it.

i have also started to re-read 'the chrysalids' by john wyndham~something reminded me of the sealanders rescue at the end of the book and i tried, poorly, to explain to swmapy the story~the result being i dug out my 1970 penguin copy and have been glued to it.

and now its time for a fresh cup of lapsang souchong (or as swampy refers to it a cup of bonfire)...hope you are all having a good day wherever you may be

*todays soundtrack~pagan folk*