Ahem! Cough! The Pixie puts her bossy head on...My dear sweet pea.....did you not accept the Honest Blogger Award? Do you need to re read the statement? You are not to worry about spilling out. You do not need to feel guilty or sorry that you blogged about this. You ARE among friends and we care very deeply for you. Your pain is our pain and it is shared between us, our shoulders are wide enough to carry it...honest! And if we can lighten your pain just a little then it's all worth while.
Remember, you are loved, in all your aspects.

well now...Solsticedreamer stares down at her green booted feet feeling a bit teary...

a lesson for all of us honest bloggers here...

we must not forget why we have all been awarded the Honest Blogger Award...and i obviously did forget...

* Speak our truth from the heart and tell it like it is.

* Share openly and honestly our true feelings without fear of judgement, Blame or shame.

* We write to share our achievements so others can also share our joy.

* We write about our bad times too, knowing that the love and support of others is around us and perhaps heal another’s pain in the process..

*We are human beings will real feelings and emotions and REFUSE to hide behind a mask.

* We dare to be different

* We are Free Spirits

* We realsie that by spilling out, we lighten our load.

* We acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses and don't see them in terms of success or failure.

* We laugh together and cry together

* We are all following our own journey in our own unique way

maybe coming from a family who have always held in thoughts and emotions have held me back in being open about things?

maybe in this time between samhuinn and the solstice is the time to let go of all the old hindrances of my upbringing and finally move forward to being the true free spirit that is lurking inside?
to accept thats its okay to lighten my load and not hide behind a mask any longer and that at this time i can share with others what is going on with me and my body right now...

thank you pixie for putting me right {hugs}