~a few days~

i have an essay due in on friday but have been so tired today i brought all of my books and laptop onto the sofa to work~i managed about an hour and have just given up.

i didn't sleep well last night and spent my waking hours listening to my ipod and looking at the shadow of the oak out of my bedroom window and a solitary star work its way across the sky.

yesterday i had my yearly eye test and all is well,except for yet again i need slightly stronger glasses~choosing new glasses is hard, all those exciting colors! i ended up choosing a rather funky red and black pair, but stuck with the usual slightly old fashioned NHS style frames.
i also just uploaded the picture swampy took of my eyes after my eye screening last week...

will you look at the size of my pupils...thank goodness its only once a year!

the lovely purple pixie asked for a picture of my hideously expensive but oh-so gorgeous green boots...i could have posted the picture i took when they were new, just over a year ago.

however i decided a new photo was needed of them

a photo showing the life they have had with me

the months of tramping around this and the surrounding villages of the new forest travelling across the atlantic with me and tramping the freezing cold streets of new york
exploring Avebury with a group of wonderful friends
sitting for many hours beside my nans hospital bed and her funeral the following week...
there have not been many days this past year when i have not worn them for a part of each day and i think the love and wear reflects in them quite nicely...

two days ago my new 'toy' arrived~the instrument i had promised myself to learn for a long time...

it was a toss up between my longed for bodhran and the didje~the didje from antic earthworks won but as i have a birthday not too many months away i guess the bodhran can be a gift for then!

its 147cm long and made of sycamore and sounds wonderful!

its almost time to stop now, i have been thinking of having a lay down on my bed but if i did i dont think i would see much more of today! instead i am thinking of watching 'pans labyrinth' and having an early night with a cup of Dr Stuarts valarian plus tea

*wherever you are i hope you are well and happy*