i had an epiphany of sorts the other day

the result being that i shut down all kinds of things on my facebook~or as my friend, from here-on known as woody-pea, calls faceache. an appropriate re-naming.

although its good for keeping in touch with my friends and family across the country, across the world~there are some aspects of it that are so very wasteful and even brain-numbing if you allow it.

and i didn't want to allow it that privilege.

all these applications that at first seem like fun turn into a right royal pain in the behind~and so wasteful of precious time.

i felt amazingly liberated as i clicked all those little delete buttons and freed my mind from the idea i have to check this, that or the other.

let me tell you facebook obsessed~the world does not come crashing down around your ears if a computer generated field is not ploughed, millions do not die of hunger if a computer generated meal is not served up in a computer generated cafe!

its not real...honest.

look up from your computer screen and look out of the window~even better go outside and feel the chill in the air, the wind on your face~stand in front of your bookcase and find a book you loved so much you keep images of its words in your mind, take that book down and sit and become absorbed again with the wonder of the feel of a book in your hand~take up your pen, paintbrush or needles and create something real, something you can hold, something tangible.

i know it can be argued that i waste time blogging.
i beg to differ and i think you bloggers out there will agree with me~

blogging is so very different~when i blog i feel i am reaching out to distant friends who know and understand of the things i write~if they don't know then something in their lives will resound with them and they can understand.
there is something more real about blogging~its journalling that reaches out to others~to those who are like-minded~for have you noticed that people gravitate to blogs that are important to them~look at mine and you will see the majority of blogs i return to time and again are distant reflections of my own spirituality.

i love the blogging community i am part of~a web that has spread world wide, from my first tentative words to the blogger i am today.
even better it does not offer things to keep me here longer than it takes for me to write a post and go visit others blogs. it offers no ever-increasing, intrusive applications that repeatedly ask for your e-mail details to allow you more and more applications~a sneaking, insidious entity, collecting and storing information?

i think so