~samhuinn blessings~

we find ourselves at one of the in-between times, a time when all times are one~to those who follow a celtic path the new year dawns.

the end of a cycle and the promise of the begining of another that awaits us at the solstice~giving us time to let pass on those things we no longer need.

we welcome the change, not figting against it, welcoming the dark nights~the big oak is still holding onto some of its leaves, but maybe not for much longer, for the predicted high winds tonight may well persuade it to finally let go of the summer.

this last week i have been unwell, really unwell and i have felt myself drawing inwards, gazing out at the trees that have lost their leaves, watching the oak slowly shed more and more~its outline from my bedroom window vanishing slowly and leaving me with bare branches.

a time to let go of grief and know those who have passed to the summerlands are experiencing new joys with those who made the journey before them...

i am feeling somewhat better today, still feeling unwell but able to make the pumpkin pies i have been promising myself~the smell here is wonderful, i wish you could smell them.

*~*however you spend your day and with whatever celebrations i hope your day is full of joy*~*