~my travels*part 1~

well the day before i left for my cruise was crazy

i had my exam on medieval history, had to finish packing and get an early night ready to be up at 1.30 the following morning!
well i made it and the journey to spain was plain sailing~especailly as the flight itself was just over two hours.
a luxury after all the transatlantic flights i have made over the last 14 years.

despite being so close i have never been to spain before and was excited looking out of the window at the land below me~it seemed so dry and arid after the new forest.

on the ground it was not long before we boarded a coach to take us the 30 minute drive to the port.
we could see the ship long before we arrived~a huge white bulk drawing looks from everyone. you can see how huge it is from my post yesterday. i knew it was going to be big but it didnt really sink in just how big until i was standing feet away from it!

once on board we made our way up the elevator to the ninth deck where our suite was, close to the front of the ship...

needless to say i was out on the balcony like a shot to take photos...

in a few short hours we would be sailing off...