~oh my word...~

oh my i shall be glad when the next week is over.

i got my days all mixed up and thought the 14th was next friday~i found out today that the 14th is actually next wednesday giving me two less revision days than i was expecting...then i leave for my holiday at 3am on the following day.

i had an ultra-sound appointment at the hospital two days ago and was rather surprised when i was told i have a huge fibroid in my womb~taking up about 2/3 of the space. it does however provide the reason for my moontime illness and assorted problems. i now have to see a gynachologist two weeks after i get back from my holiday~swampy is convinced they will have to operate.
i have to say it has been making me feel a bit weird~it is far from serious but it feels odd to know it has been growing away, unknown, inside for me for i dont know how long...

it is late, well, for me it is late, so i shall say goonight to all my blog friends