~not so bad...~

trouble just waiting to happen...

...that is how i see the week that has just passed

swampy had gone up to the malverns and left me and cody to our own devices~and i was dreading it so much, but it was also an experiment. how would my m.e manage doing everything, everyday for a week i wondered to myself.

well it managed, it was hard, but it managed.
around the home i did everything needed to keep it clean and tidy, prepared my meals, cooked, did washing, hung the washing out to dry and bring it in again...you know all the things i mean!

the only thing i had to do was rest between each thing, i couldn't do it all in a big lump and carry on to my next task~each was done slowly with a break in between so usually by 4pm i was shattered and that's when i would give up on everything except cook my dinner and feed cody~the comfort of the sofa and documentaries on the tv was all i did in the evening, my brain wouldn't even function to read.

walking cody twice a day was my hardest task. as he is an english springer spaniel he has vast amounts of energy~and i mean vast! i knew i could not just walk him on his lead. so every day i would take him over to the area of forest the villagers have always known as 'the common'~it is only a five minute walk to get there but with a pulling, tugging springer in a rush and m.e shouting 'i cant go that fast!' it sometimes seemed like forever...especially on the way home again...uphill...with a panting, muddy, wet but still pulling springer! but it gave him a great run off of his lead, allowed him to jump in and out of very muddy stream and eat horrible things. i will spare you this.
usually i had to towel him off when we arrived back home and this i did sitting on our garden path, by now too tired to stand...towel him off, stagger inside and have a rest...until housework tasks or his final walk of the day drew near...

and guess where i am going now my mug of tea is finished?

you guessed it~out with a tugging, pulling springer!

but the good thing is my swampy will be back later today!