~its here~

walking across the forest with cody yesterday i could feel it

summer had finally gone and the great wheel has turned even further and the equinox is on our doorstep.

i could see it in the sky and the trees~leaves are changing color and falling from their branches, the many hawthorns, oaks and hazel were laden with their fruits, the haws bright red providing a splash of color among the greens and browns.

i could feel it in the air around me, almost taste it in the air~it was warm for the sky was a clear blue above me, with the waning moon ahead of me high in the sky, but at the same time i could feel the first, faint hint of a chill. the warm was not the warm of a summer morning but the first chill of the dying year.

i could feel it buzzing through me in a welcoming way, i have always seen autumn and winter as my time of the year and look forwards to the coming months.
there is something so special about the coming months where the wheel slowly turns from the autumn equinox when the darkness starts to take over from the light, through samhain when the vail between the worlds is thin and we are close to our ancestors~to the winter solstice the longest night when darkness is honoured~to imbolc, Brighids day when we feel the earth energy stirring around us and the days of darkness ends with the spring equinox when the days become longer.

*what joy to have this connection to the land*