~no sleep~

another night of not sleeping...

i have had about 2 hours, un-restful sleep, lay awake for a while and finally gave up around 2am, made myself a mug of lemon tea and turned on my laptop.

i have a lot happening over the next few weeks...

~i have just submitted my final essay for my present course
~have started my revision for my three hour exam which is on the 14th of october.
~i have a small amount of work to submit for my next course by the 16th of october
~and a second short piece of work on Homer's Odyssey by the 23rd of October.

now i would not usually worry about this, i have my time planned nicely-3 hours a day devoted to revision and 2-3 on the small amount of new work on Homer.
luckily my new course is the excitingly titled 'exploring the classical world' and so the reading etc, for me, will be great fun.
the reading i have done so far has been so interesting it is just like reading a really good book.

no problem there then.

i am a little worried because in reality i have to have all the work done by the 14th because on the 15th i fly with my sister to Malaga in Spain to board this behemoth...

the royal caribbean' navigator of the seas'

we have what is known as a 'junior suite' up on deck nine at the front of the ship...there are 15 decks-told you it was a behemoth...or leviathan is also a suitable description!...whose layout is...

most exciting is we have our own little balcony and so i can imagine many hours spent there with a good book.

from malaga we sail the Mediterranean, through the Strait of Gibraltar (or to give it it's much more interesting name 'the pillars of hercules) which separates europe from africa by a mere 14km, into the atlantic.

over the following four days we will be visiting tenerife on the canary islands which i am looking forwards to as my granddad george spent a lot of time there after retiring from a lifetime in the royal navy. i still have some of the jewellery made from gold and volcanic rock that he bought me as a child and so i shall take that with me to wear. i am hoping to get to the teide national park and take the cable car up mount teide...my sister get travel sick (yes i know...going on a cruise + travel sick!)even in these so i may well take that particular journey alone.

we then sail on, docking in funchal in madeira...its well worth looking at the photo album on this site...i have never really given the place a second thought until now...it looks so beautiful and so cannot wait to get there with my camera.

~it will certainly be an experience~

swampy is now home~and it was so good to have him come through the door late on monday i can tell you!

we now have the pressure of fixing and selling pippin and then finding his replacement-once he is sold it means we have no transport until the replacement is found and bought! that is not a major problem as we can get the 'lymington flyer'-the heritage line train into lymington for shopping.
its just...hassle if you know what i mean.