~of full moon earth healing~

last night was the full moon and earth healing night~for those of you who don't join us and may be interested please have a look here

as i did last month i cleared and re-set my little temporary shrine in my sacred gardenand when darkness fell made my way outside~lighting my candle and incense.

the clouds never really cleared last night, even past 1am shreds of cloud still scattered the sky, shading the face of the moon in an almost Gothic filigree~but then we don't have to see the moon to know of her presence.

~as i stood there i thought~

*of the first harvest*
*the slow passing of the year~that turn of the wheel that takes us ever closer to the dark of the year*
*imagined the smoke from my incense as the coils of the earth dragon, winding its way aross the world, joining us all in our common wish and the bright light of my candle helping to spread light into the darkness*
*i also said a word for my ancestors, asking they remain with me, keeping a part of the old ways alive with me*

i would have remained out there for longer but as i looked up at the sky, the biggest, brightest shooting star i have seen for a long, long time streaked across the sky right in front of me and to me that was a signal that my ritual was over and i had been heard