~arrgghh armchair dilemma~

sometimes i think i am going mad!
we have been clearing my nans flat this week and swampy and i were due to go back yesterday to collect the armchair that goes with the sofa we brought home on wednesday~my 'nan' armchair, the one she always sat in to watch cricket and look out of her window.

on wednesday the camper was using a lot of water and oil and overheating and we were a bit worried.
well wouldnt you know, yesterday, after a short trip into lymington to get my hair cut, the van over heated and the prognosis was the head gasket has died...to any non-mechanical people like me, that means part of the engine has died!
so i have been in a major panic about, you guessed it, not the van (the bits are being ferried from our h van man in france by friends next week),but the armchair.
we only have the keys until next tuesday and i dont want some stranger sitting in my 'nan chair'...thats a job for my behind!
my sister is stopping by on sunday to see if she can get it in her audi~highly unlikely! so in desperation i am about to pop a letter to the warden of the flat and the old folk who use the lounge, asking very nicely if they will let it sit in the residents lounge until i can get there in 3-4 weeks.

should i really be using my energies on so much worry over an armchair?