~i have been tagged...~

...by elizabeth rhiannon over in so cal.

seven things you may not know about me or may not want to know...

oh my...wracking my brains here...

~ i have never had a stay in hospital, i have been for very short periods~blood tests, plugging a monster nose bleed that kind of thing, but never for the whole 'put on a gown and get in bed thing'.

~ i have freckles...lots of them, tiny ones. in fact the older i get the more i get-i often wonder if one day they will merge and i will be an even brown!

~ until a few years ago i had pretty much everything it was possible to have peirced, peirced.

~ i love steve sic...oh my word, great look and great voice

~ i would love long dreadlocks. i started growing them about twenty years ago but gave up quickly.

~ i have been having migraines since i was 5 years old and they dont get better with age

~ my great uncle john kimber had a bit part in the 1948 film 'bonnie prince charlie'

now as i guess many of you have been tagged i leave this open for anyone who may not of and who would like to tell us all some more about themselves!

i tag you all!