~plums & aprons~

i had planned on spending the day on my draft essay but these plans never go as planned do they?

i couldn't sleep last night~i went to bed at 9pm, totally shattered and slept for about four hours~then i woke up and that was it, wide eyed until about 5am.
i debated getting up and making a drink and getting on with my essay, but given my poor hearing, just knew i would clatter about oblivious, so lay there plugged into my ipod and listened to four omnia cd's before finally nodding off.

my sixth sense kicked in early for i woke up about 9am, tired and headachey, drank my cup of tea, dressed and within ten minutes my mum was knocking on the door.

i went back home with her for she had come to announce her cherry plums were ripe and ready for picking. so there we were piling them into a big preserving pan and i am sitting here now waiting for my first batch of chutney to cool before sealing the jars~my first ever attempt at chutney let me add! apple (from a neighbours garden, cherry plum (from mums garden) and shallots (from friends allotment) spiced up with some cinnamon and chili and i have to say it does taste quite good in a hot, sweet, sour way. i only made enough for three jars, just in case it turned out foul. tomorrow i will be making plum jam and sam has requested plum crumble.

this burst of kitchen activity has made me buy something i have wanted for ages...an apron! when i bake i am dreadful for getting flour all over me so i popped round to the old fashioned hardware store and bought myself a jolly green and white butchers apron...in fact i still have it on now.

of course the activity has also made me exhausted and i still feel headachey so i can see that even though its lovely outside i will be putting my pyjamas on soon and settling down on the sofa~i recorded 'seven brides for seven brothers' the other day~what a better way to round off a day making chutney?