~being a peaceful warrior~

the battersea shield

while over at suzie's i was struck by her latest post 'tapping into positive warrior energy'.

a similar thing had been on my mind the other day when i wrote in my moleskine at bedtime, on the day of the full moon, when i had drawn 'holly' from my green man oracle...these are the short paragraphs i had written...

'strong protection
clear wisdom and courage
dream magic

'guarding against short-tempered or angry elementals.
temper our passions and channel them into useful action-the way of peaceful warriors-using skill and strength to combat negative acts'

'not to use energy too quickly'

'to be a peaceful warrior-i love the thought of that-being a peaceful warrior'

so what do i make of this today?

i guess right now there is a lot a negative energy around me, not coming from me but from someone close at hand. a negative energy that is upsetting me and those around me.
i know i need to channel these feelings into something positive and useful~but how?