my word but its hard to remain calm and spiritual when this...

refuses to play nice and keeps overheating!
we ordered a replacement gasket from our friend in france, another friend brought it back over here and another friend drove swampy to poole to collect said apart.
poor swampy dismantled a large part of the engine, put in replacement part and off we went to the farm shop in a fairly joyful fashion.

it didn't last long, by the time we got to the farm shop, about 5 miles away the radiator was bubbling like a veritable cauldron on a busy night! by the time we got home it had pretty much boiled dry, so swampy is back to square one and we spent £40 we couldn't really afford on something we don't think was needed.
the trouble is if swampy needs to do his dismantling again...we need another of those £40 gaskets.
oh i could cry...as for swampy, i think he is ready to do a basil fawlty with a large tree branch (i have scanned the area and hidden any likely tree weapons).

i think we are now seriously thinking of getting him fixed and selling him~but the thought makes me so sad. we have had such adventures in him and he is a very special van...just so unreliable right now. i am really hoping this turns out to be something really silly that swampy hasn't noticed and all will be well again very soon.
the thing is because he doesn't know what it is we have now decided that two events we are due to go to next week will have to be cancelled~which is a real poop.

however i have been sitting on the grass giving moral support and good vibes, cody has been cooling off laying in the flowerbed and i have been able to enjoy the fresh air and watch the clouds rush by in the blue sky (the tail of hurricane bill according to our weather people~tomorrow is supposed to be dreadful) and watch the jackdaws fly in and out of the huge oak...i have just heard a tool bag being emptied onto the floor so i shall go and resume my support!

have a good day wherever you may be

oh and keep your fingers crossed for poor pippin :)