~an award? for me?~

this meme award was waiting for me in my in box from mel at clutter to shine...thank you my lovely! i have never been called uber-cool before and i promise not to let it get to my head!

hmmm seven facts about me...

1)i have suffered from a cyclical depression for many years~some bouts just a mild, mopey kind, some real humdingers of the kind the doctor will say 'here have some lithium'. i have not actually had it so severe for about 6 years~i like to think i am too busy coping with m.e to get depressed!

2)i dress the way i did at 18~a sort of grunge/hippie, but more...eclectic (swampy's words not mine)and my personal 'trademark' are scarves and waistcoats...i don't feel dressed if i am without either. i have a pile of about ten scarves, not counting winter, woolies and my recent waistcoat is a very old wool one, black with gorgeous cream lining with tiny red pinstripes.today for instance i am wearing...my gorgeous green boots (still very much in love with them),old pair of 'twisted' levi's turned up a good few inches, a altered, knee length sarong, black vest,'new' waistcoat and blue/brown/lilac scarf...good eh?!

3)i don't take my diabetes as seriously as i should (i know, i know)and as a result i am putting off my fasting blood test and my visit with my doctor to discuss the results~plus i have my annual eye screening/eye test in november.

4)i hate raisins/currants~in fact i have just been in the garden picking them out of my bowl of alpen and leaving them for the birds to peck at.

5)because of my poor hearing i avoid social situations where i have to try to listen and converse with more than two people.

6)i waste too much time on the net, browsing and blogging, although i have met some wonderful people and of course ten years ago this march past met my swampy online :)

7) i constantly find myself wishing i had met my great uncle jack, his father johney gaul and his parents james gaul and margaret flahaven...i keep wondering what stories they would tell me of their home in ireland and then in wales and of course i wish i knew what jack, james and margaret looked like~from family stories handed down of johney and jack they were real lovable rouges~i like the sound of that!

now i have to pass this on, however like ripples in a stream i can see it spreading already~so, if you have not already been awarded the award please accept it from me and tell us some amazing, little known facts about your lovely selves.