~the garden~

these sweet peas smell amazing

our baby blue tit~they all fledged and still come back to feed.
at the moment they look as if they are wearing tiny little fuzzy berets!

i picked out a few photos of what we are growing in our garden~a great deal of it is wild flowers grown from seed with some plants bought from the farm shop and some that grew up here at the side of our house and that we were able to move...when we moved here it was so overgrown we just cleared it and waited to see what has grown up. we have been pleseantly surprised for we have about five different kinds of geranium~including the lilac/purple one here, which is growing up one of our windows.

i have unconsciously started a morning ritual of going into my garden~it feels a very comfortable place and is secluded and peaceful. i love going out there and checking all the flowers, listening to the bee's and i have such a strong feeling of contentment because this is our 'forever' house, it feels more and more that we are taking root here.

we have been here nearly a year now and the dirty, neglected house and garden are slowly evolving into a much loved home.

yesterday we cycled to my mums house, something we could never have done before, and it felt so good to peddle evangeline down the road, surrounded on all sides by tree's in the afternoon sun.

visiting your blogs it looks like you all had a great solstice, wherever and however you celebrated. i saw coverage of the stonehenge celebration on tv and was so glad i was not there~its a place of the ancestors but standing there with 35,000 others i dont think i would find the peace i want!
some of our friends went to Glastonbury Tor to celebrate and its possible we may join them for the winter solstice...

*~*if not my special garden is the perfect place for this solitary, solitary*~*