~solstice blessings~

*~*sending solstice blessings to you all across mother earth*~*

i was up for the sunrise this morning after preparing my fledgling sacred space in our garden last night.

as i stepped out of our back door the only sound i could hear was the fist birds and the humming of bumblebee's on an early morning hunt in the flowers of our garden~then the first flush of pink tinted the clouds.

there was nothing elaborate, i sat in peace, watching the clouds drifting by with glimpses of blue between them, the birds sang, a drift of jackdaws flew over to sit in the oak and the bee's hummed away, still gathering busily.

so the wheel stops and then starts its turning again and the holly takes the mantle from the oak and we slowly start our drift towards our next festival~lughnasadh and the start of the harvest