~pass me the mead~

lindisfarne mead

i need to celebrate!

i recently submitted an essay on the role of religion in the continuation of the wars of three kingdoms and it was driving me crazy~it was one of the most difficult i have done and from browsing the course forum lots of people were finding it difficult...a real struggle.
the week i set aside to do it was made more difficult by having really bad dizzy spells and three, yes three migraines and at one point i felt close to tears with it all (yes it was that bad)and wished i had never decided to follow this particualr path~

why chose to wade through piles of paperwork, books and research when i could be out in my garden, reading, crafting?

but wade i did, not even needing the extension i had asked my tutor for, although i was dreading the results coming back.
well they came yesterday and i receieved a fantastic 72%~not far from an A grade.

now i am all fired up and feel much more positive for my next one which is on the atlantic slave trade and due in about three weeks. i had hoped to be able to go away camping next week without my books but really dont think i will be able to get that far ahead with my work over the next four days to allow for that luxury~i shall have to see.