~yesterday was Bloomsday~

when james joyce fans recreate Bloomsday, the fictitious day at the centre of "Ulysses" when fans of james joyce dress in 1904 style, attend readings and celebrate at various venues from the book.

my 'yesterday' was somewhat less exciting!

~i had some sky blue gingham arrive which i am using to finally finish off my custom book/dvd/cd shelves.
~we incorporated our trip to the farm shop with buying curtain poles~we were kindly given enough fabric to make curtains for every window (some rooms still have no curtains!) and as swampys niece is coming to stay soon we thought it was about time we spent some time getting the house and not the garden up together.
~swampy gave my 1966 singer sewing machine a good service and put up one curtain pole.
~i did not get my books out at all.

so today i am going to have to spend a big chunk of today on my studies, if not i will have to take my books away camping next week.