~of earth energy...~

*~pointed quartz mounted in silver~bought many years ago in Glastonbury...hanging from natural hemp thread*~

visiting the wonderful miss*r i had such a sudden urge to take my own quartz pendulum into our garden to see what the energy was like.

well my quartz went wild over most of the garden and so i took it inside where it was much the same~except for the one room which is still much the same as it was the day we moved in~where it was all but motionless.
i finally decided to stand where i thought was the centre of our whole home~garden and still the quartz reacted to the energy really strongly.

this has pleased me, it reaffirms to me the good feelings i had about this place from the beginning, seeing beyond the years of neglect to what it could become~what maybe it wanted to become.

sometimes my spirituality seems to hibernate, burrows deep inside me until something occurs to bring it to the fore~for a few weeks now it has been quietly fizzing away, closer to the surface, for a few days now it has been slowly starting to erupt, like some wild pagan volcano! its been so bad i have not been able to concentrate on my studies, i keep having to go into the garden and just sit or stand~in a way today has given me a reason why i get this need...

...and of course we are a week away from the solstice~with the sun at the hight of its powers

*~* the power is charging the earth's energy and we can all start to feel it flowing up and out*~*