~in my skin~

one of my 'twins'~both are on my inner arm, just below my elbow~a mirror image of each other

i was having some unsure thoughts yesterday of how i was concerned someone was no longer themselves so naturally i phoned my dad~its always dad i turn to at times of crisis, whether real or imagined.
his partner adele answered so i spoke with her, asking her opinion too and she said something that really surprised me.

i have always been, if you have read an earlier post, very shy and consequently i have grown up with a supreme lack of confidence in everything surrounding me

*too tall, too fat, too broad, not clever, too thin, not interesting,too pale, too ginger, too freckled, too weird...oh my an endless list that i am sure many of us have*

so now i have found out how inaccurate my personal impressions are.
i am seen by both my dad and adele as a very strong person, that i am very confident 'in my skin'~with who i am...i don't change my personality in order to fit in with others or my surroundings~according to adele just like my dad.

*isn't it funny how others can see the inside of you?*