~feeling the earth~

~*~my tree~*~

i have been feeling *other* just lately~it started before the solstice and has just continued.

we were away last week and i spent much of the week just sitting under the tree we were camped under~just staring up at the trees and the sky, watching the birds.

i keep thinking more and more of the insignificance of much of the world around me and the significance of our (when i say our you know i am talking to you pagans out there!) spirituality, both collective and individual.
so much of society is superficial and meaningless~people(not all people, but they are out there as you know) who's spirituality is money and possessions and appearance. yes i have my laptop, used for blogging and the work for my degree, and my ipod, a gift i love as it gives me my 'omnia fix'.
but it doesn't make me who i am~who i am comes from deep inside, from the blood of my ancestors who were all, what i like to call ~sons of the land and sea~ farmers, miners and mariners, something even deeper inside that has passed down to me, dormant for years in my line, to see beyond what the eye can see, to see further inwards,to be more aware...

i have been working on planting my sacred garden and outside shrine/alter and maybe this has kick started something new inside of me that has been hidden deep within me. this is the first time i have had a very secluded garden and so the first time i have been able to create a sacred space.
i have been spending more time outside, even in the rain and so love to just be aware of the world around me~both seen and unseen. i feel as if my body has become like some magnet, attracting the vibrations of the land around me and the memories it holds of the ancestors and their beliefs.

~*~are you feeling the earth today?~*~