~home remedy saves the day~

my word have i been ill this past two days
yesterday was spent in my pyjamas incapable of anything but hugging a hot water bottle and feeling miserable~i had no ginger to go with my ginger and lemon drinks i make up when i am feeling sick.
swampy had a dash to the village vegetable shop hoping they had some. thank goodness they did otherwise i would have been even more miserable.
*i generally just add a couple of slices of lemon and chopped or grated ginger root to hot water~dried ginger really does not work at all as it sinks to the bottom of the mug and has lost the kick of the root*

the night before swampy tucked me up in bed and set up our little tv so i could lay and watch cry freedom and not worry about faling asleep

today i am almost back to normal~up and dressed and so glad i had worked enough to get almost two weeks ahead with my studies...