~a new arrival~

no, not that kind of arrival...


isn't she lovely?
yes she is a she, i just get that vibe about her.

i have been without a bike for a long time.

when we moved to bournemouth there no room in my flat...when we moved to dorset i had no hope of cycling anywhere because the hills and my m.e would not be in agreement.

now we are back in the new forest with both the village and my mums house an easy cycle away (one hill on the way back from mums) i have been harping on about a bike~a proper bike mind you, none of this new fangled mountain bike lark.

being the Luddite i am i wanted something old fashioned and this fits the bill a treat and rather than going to buy a new one that looks old, the 'recycling' route is much better.

anyway she is a French Motob├ęcane, to go with our French van of course! and will soon be adorned with a nice 'ding dong' bell and basket~watch this space

~now i am starting to feel really poorly agian...so goodbye for now~