~a wonderful time was had by all~

Shiny happy people holding hands
shiny happy people laughing

well we are home from our camp and as usual it was a great, relaxing weekend.
it started with a massive hail and rain storm early on friday but the clouds soon cleared and we had great weather.
people started to roll up friday afternoon and by late evening we had over 20 h vans parked up in their multitudes of colors and variations as well as added extras, such as a few velo solex. our friend Al had a test ride and now wants one...so do i!

cody was not a happy boy~he started to limp a little on thursday morning which we put down to him twisting his leg while doing his usual springer spaniel thing over black bridge~when he is let off his lead he just rushes around, crashing through anything that's in his way and leaping ditches. we kept him quite over night and kept him on his lead but it wasn't working. so we were preparing ourselves for a visit to a local vet when swampy remembered that one of our campers was a vet and he very kindly came and had a look, only to remove a huge thorn from codys paw. we then discovered that his practice is in bournemouth, which is not far away and he was so good with cody we decided he is now going to be cody's vet, especially as we had a little bit of free 'surgery' (from the noise cody was making you would have thought he was having surgery!)

anyway, here are some photos of the weekend

trust me it looked much better than the photo!

arriving home the two village regulars were at the bottom of the hill from our home