~strange days~

well what a weekend~ireland won the six nations grand slam for the first time in 61 years~although in my heart i wished both ireland and wales could have won~for once i was strangley quiet during the game.

now it is all over and its another 45 weeks until it starts again, although there is the lions tour in the summer~yes i really am a rugby nerd.

yesterday was a wash out as i felt so ill, i spent most of the day feeling sick and nursing a hot water bottle and all i could eat were shreddies with no milk~today i dont feel too bad, drinking lots of lemon and ginger tea to keep it at bay but feeling strangely 'evil' and out of sorts~must be the hormones~if you know the song 'strange days' by the doors...well thats how i feel today~ever so odd...
*strange days have found us
strange days have tracked us down*