anyone out there chronically shy?

i just mentioned it to a friend via e-mail, there is a gathering coming up that i really want to go to...but don't because it means meeting new people...in a group.

i am bad enough with meeting one person~a group?

*good grief*

i am one of those people who don't need (or is that don't like?) lots of people around me and when there are i find it hard to follow conversations and don't really join in.

when we go camping with friends they usually all get together in the evenings, that's when i usually vanish into the camper with a book and my radio, for what i call peace.

i have always been shy, school was a nightmare...especially being pale, red haired and having what was considered a boys name!...children can be so rotten~ but funnily enough college was great~there were other shy people there and you could be 'different' without being given grief.

the odd thing is people dont think of me like this because my outward appearance is quite outgoing and i am good at hiding it
*oh well*

totally off subject i have just made a rather nice smelling meatloaf for our dinner tonight, which is now sitting in the oven and will be ready to be served up with a nice pile of veggies about the time my evening tv session kicks in...'ballykissangel' is on at 7 each night and i just love it, it fills in the gap left by the ending of the present 'larkrise to candleford'...so yes i will be sitting with my dinner on my lap, wearing my cosy pyjamas and enjoying 'ballyk'!