~oh dear~

yesterday~and it would have been friday 13th~normally i don't go with the whole superstition thing, but now? well!

my laptop crashed yesterday and while swampy was able to rescue enough and store on his hard drive i lost my complete contact list from outlook.

i am seriously miffed about this as there were a few contacts, old friends, for who i only had the e-mail contact.

so now i am wondering what to do~i think it may be the case of just waiting and hoping they e-mail soon.

plus everything looks wrong and i have to do some serious re-arranging~oh well.

so my lovelies~if you are one of the folk who contacts me on my e-mail can you please e-mail me so i can put you back in my contacts!

thank you!!!
oh and i will catch up with your blogs soon~have a 20th march deadline on an essay!