~signs of spring~

it is chilly but quite spring like here in our corner of the new forest and we have a welcome burst of color from the plants that survived five years of neglect~although i have had to rescue a few daffodils that were trampled by great lumbering paws belonging to a certain black and white whirlwind who has not yet realized the flowerbeds are out of bounds!

because we were over run with daffodils and our neighbour janet who lives in a really cute little cottage has none, swampy is at this moment out planting the rescued daffoldils, which he left in a nice protective ball of dirt, all along her fence~so in aweek or two they should be out in all their glory.
our soil seems to be quite good but we thought we would give it a spring boost so we have decided to buy some 'zoo poo' from a local nursery 'otters' that comes from paignton zoo