~feels like summer~

the new forest has been basking in the most glorious sun for some days now and waking up to more blue skies and the same sun today has put a smile on my face.

at night we are having slight frosts, so the seedlings go onto our warmest windowsill at dusk, stay there while the sun is on them and the garden warms up, then they go to sit in the garden until dusk again~i am just hoping it continues like this.

although i am a real autumn/winter girl i am finding i am stretching towards spring like a seedling, wanting to peel back these layers and enjoy the warmth at last.

*well, this week we went up to our allotment and ended up there nearly all day*

swampy digging away like a good'un

five mature red current bushes~yippee!

parsnips still in the soil from last year, when the old chap who had our plot still worked it~i roasted them with carrots and a little olive oil then for the last five minutes cooking time added a little honey~

our neighbour had a three week start~luckily the soil here is lovely and easy to dig

the view from the back of our plot~this end is shaded by a lovely oak, so to me its even more special

nice little shed, a water butt we are are going to adapt with a tap at the bottom and place on bricks for easy access and make a lid for it. there are also a good selection of glass panes to make a good size cold frame

yours truly