~an Irish day~

although obviously not a fan of st.p himself today i celebrate my Irish roots!

even more so as i recently discovered my great gran on my dad's side was Irish~all i now need to find out is why she ended up in durham married to a Welsh man!

so Irish on both sides

i am starting to think its time to start saving and have a nice trip over there.

well today the new forest is basking in glorious sunshine with not a cloud in the sky and shortly we will be going down to check out our newly allocated allotment! yes the parish council phoned up and have given us one with a small shed, next door to the badly overgrown one we were originally given, so we still have access to the well.
of course i shall be going armed with my camera, paper, pen and a tape measure to make plans for what goes where.
swampy bought me a really nice 'beginners guide' to allotment gardening, which has a nice little layout of an allotment which doesnt look far off the size of our plot so i think it will be a useful guide for our plot.

well i hope you all have a great day and the sun is shining wherever you are