~of mushrooms & grated apple...~

we have had to lovely days to walk flynt this week
yesterday a large military aeroplane rumbled over us heading, i was reliably informed by swampy, to hurn airport.
we went up to ober heath where we get big sky


over night we had had very heavy rain, which i slept through with the help of ear plugs.

there have been lots of assorted mushroom sprouting up...

and plenty of fairy rings, although with some you have to look closely...

this was my lunch today...grated apple with blue cheese atop swampys homemade bread...

 i was in the bookshop in lymington last week and was flicking through River Cottage Veg and came across this recipe and just had to try.
its gorgeous...but if you decide to try make sure you get the sharpest apple and strongest blue cheese!
i only had a mild Devon Blue and it just wasn't strong enough.
well i have been busy creating things for
and making plans with a very special alchemist but you will hear more of that later!