i feel i have been vaguely neglecting this blog while i have been busy designing a website for The wylde apothecary, creating items for a samhain swap with my stonewylde friends via facebook/ache as well as creating items and experimenting in my creating for *Twa*.
plus i have had to re-read 'shadows at stonewylde' because yesterday was the official launch of
the final stonewylde book.
i have spent the past two days willing it to be delivered...maybe today will be the day.
after a few days of having a good nights sleep i was awake at 4.30 this morning...possibly the fact that flynt had sneaked up onto the bed woke me because when i looked down he was happily asleep on the duvet, all four paws in the air!
of course once i was awake my mind started to tick over...more crafting ideas and remembering to make sure to check that little inca cannot escape for the ferrets holiday home prior to our weekend trip to glastonbury next weekend!
we are slightly free that weekend as my sister is dog-sitting flynt for us so for once we can drift in and out of the shops together, as the ferrets are not such a worry to leave in the camper while we look around.
i cannot wait to go back to glastonbury again, living only a couple of hours away its not as if we hardly ever go but it is such a special place and feels so much like home...