on the brink of
 alban elfed
 autumn equinox
i have been embraced with a feeling of serenity
a feeling i have been searching for...
a feeling to maintain...
~i have wanted to find and absorb serenity and give it out~
it stems in part from my post last week...
the person in my post is a person who will not go away, they are far too keen to collect and fragment.
so i have decided the best way to deal with the issue from my point of view is to gather all the serenity i can about my person.
 i realised that the worry and stress that i constantly keep around me-like the ever moving, ever following haze of dust that surrounds pigpen...
...it has to go
no, it must be replaced by a haze of
so now i add serenity to my soul journey
i refuse to let people or events disturb my journey