it was a nice chilly morning when i got up at 7.30...again...i always seem to wake earlier when the days turn darker.
i love getting up to peace and bird song and catching the time when the dew or frost covers everything.
i love that chill in the air which has me pulling my green shawl around me as i conduct my morning ritual...open kitchen curtains and window, kettle on, cup ready with either lemon tea or spiced chai, check the calender and mark of another day gone, open curtains and one or two windows in the living room, turn on laptop after checking for spiders, stare into garden while water boils, then i sit with my laptop for an hour or two-catching up on emails (usually junk), the stonewylde forum, my blog for comments, then i pop onto fb to catch up with my friends.
its a ritual of sorts and i feel out of sorts if my day does not start this way.
today i have my yearly eye screening and will be popping into lymington to go to the bank and have a little wander...if my eyes are up to it-they squirt this horrid stinging liquid into them to dilate the pupils you see and sometimes it takes time to clear...
i have some small prints i want to frame so need to find a nice frame for them and i just enjoy getting out of the house.
later, all being well (i woke with the migraine i fought off yesterday threatening me again) i plan on starting to sort through our accumulated *stuff* in the front room as preparations for my taking it over as my indoor grrl-cave.
i bought four storage boxes yesterday, but thinking it is not enough-i will just have to see how it goes.
i have this feeling of urgency to get it sorted and move my desk as i have a plethroa of crafting ideas that need outlet and also i want a place where i can burn my incense that does not disturb the sensitive system named swampy!
i just want a 'me' place
it does'nt feel right having my desk in the bedroom-i want the bedroom to be the bedroom not a multi-purpose room.

~well time to have a wander in the garden~