~dowsing avebury & rollrights~

Rose asked about dowsing on my last post so i thought i would post here a little of my dowsing experiences.
in the past i started with pendulum dowsing-i didn't go out and buy one of those fancy-schmancy crystal pendulums, i just added a length of hemp string to a simple necklace i had bought in glastonbury many years ago...a clear quartz point set in a small silver mount.
it felt right because i had been wearing it as a necklace and would have absorbed my energies.
i just make simple questions after ascertaining the correct 'yes, 'no' responses from my pendulum-with me a yes is a clockwise circle while no a back and forth line so it is very obvious.
a few years ago my good friend, carp the welsh wizard, gave me a set of angled metal rods he had made when we met up in avebury-what i like about them is that a brass tube is fitted over the hand holds so it is impossible to make the rods move deliberately without making very obvious movements with your hands and arms.
 we spent ages dowsing various sites at avebury including the avenue.
he showed me how each stone has different bands of energy going from top to bottom.
as a pair we positioned ourselves at the base of a stone, one either side, holding our rods parallel and facing forwards. we then very slowly, saying nothing to each other, raised up the length of the stones and the rods would mirror each other, as we passed each band of energy.
for example they would either swing in towards the stone for a few inches, then return to their previous position, then swing in or out at another band.
swampy is not a pagan in the way that i am and was very unsure about dowsing as a whole...actually he didn't believe it. so when he saw what was happening he had a change of heart and when he actually had a go he accepted that there is indeed 'something' in dowsing.
i dowsed the rollrights/kings men friday night and saturday morning and it was very interesting.
i started outside of the stones and walked direct to the centre-as i reached the stones my rods crossed, then opened and faced opposing sides-one to the left and one to the right.
walking out they again crossed...
i found that the energy surrounding the stone outside of the circle is wider than inside and that there is a thread of energy radiating out from the kings men circle to the whispering knights the remains of an early/middle neolithic portal dolmen lying a short distance from the circle...

 i have dowsed our garden quite a lot-we have it divided in three different sections and each one hold spiral energies, which in fact did not exit when we moved in.
i plan on dowsing again because a few months ago i finally planted our elder-a tree with strong associations with the goddess and protection-in the centre of our garden and am interested to see if and how the energies have changed.

also our house sits bang in between two major ley lines that start at two points across the solent on the isle of wight and converge at the beckhampton longstone 'adam'-which makes me wonder if the energy was always there but needed 'work' to bring the energies out?