Because I'm Tired of Searching For Black Flats

Hey shoe designers -- listen up!
Why is a good black flat so hard to come by?

Here are the requirements:  
  • leather! (not that 'man-made-material' bullshit)
  • leather sole! (not that dumb, thick, ugly rubber stuff)
  • a slight heel!  (not totally flat so your legs look like stumps)
  • affordable!  (we working stiffs can't shell out $200+ for a SIMPLE BLACK FLAT!  $70 is my max.)
  • comfortable!  (we'll be walking a lot - that's why we're buying flats!)

I haven't been to DSW yet; I'll try it, but I hope it's worth the trip. Any other suggestions?  (I can't do online shoe shopping - my feet suck and have actually grown in the last couple of years, so I have to try on every pair....sometimes I'm an 8; sometimes I'm an 8.5.)

OK, enough of my bitching....on to pretty design!
I love the white, with just enough color in the details:

Have a great Friday!  xo

interior photos: