I need to admit that after all that happened in my love life,
 I thought that falling in love again would be the biggest mistake
 in my life, but to be honest I think that it all depends on the person,
fuck love? no, fuck the person who made you feel that, I learned
my lesson don't get too attached to people, sadly that's my problem
but nothing last forever & you need to live in the here & now why
you're going to think of the future? we don't know it, so we don't have
to be fearing what's going to be next & the same with the past, it's gone
& we can do nothing but to accept it & that we cannot change it but
we can change our now, so it's a new beggining, I'll stop thinking about
what could I have done in the past & what did I did wrong with other
people that I really loved, but they decided to go away from my life,
& you have to accept it & move on, the feelings doesn't go away but
you're not going to be waiting for something that didn't wait for you in
the first place. You learn from your mistakes & you move on, that's
life & it'll always be like that. Never have too high your expectations
on someone but never understimate them, just give them the chance to 
put your world up side down & if it doesn't work let it go & move on.