good grief its been ages since i posted here!

i had a week where i stayed away from the Internet-busy reading, working on my crochet, pottering in the garden.

then the week before last i started to be bothered by a niggly cough which by the friday had become much worse and i was feeling rough...well rougher than usual and i assumed i was under the unwelcome spell of a cold, my second this year.

however the 'cold' part never materialised~i was just coughing, coughing, coughing and it was getting worse day by day.

by last thursday i realised it wasn't a cold and so tried to get a doctors appointment...no such luck.

the next day i managed to get a 'triage' appointment-which is where the doctor telephones to discuss your problem and see if you really do need to be seen.
well seconds after listening to me croaking and uncontrollably coughing down the phone he said he wanted to see me straight away and once at the surgery i went straight in to the doctor.

turns out i have a really bad virus and have been taking a high dose of antibiotics since...today is the last day i have to take them and yet not convinced they are really working. i shall give it few more days then talk to the doctor again.

well that's all from me today~more tomorrow!