What goes around comes around.....
Love can be so beautiful, but sometimes love can be so
dangerous & even if you're not with the right person, I learned
it months ago... the love I though I fell for someone was an obsession
a sick obsession that chased me for so long, even when I tried with
someone else, the one I'm sure is the love of my life, I feel it that way
maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right but I know it's worst to fall in love
with your best friend, sometimes they don't feel the same way you do, but
if they do, what can I say? it was lovely, it was magic, pretty, peaceful, so
protective, priceless! But I did the things wrong this time, I was so scared
to got hurt that this time I hurt, & that wasn't his fault, I guess I just learned
from the monster, the love that hurted me the most & for so long, I guess this
time I couldn't know what to do with this love that big that I had in my hands,
I'm not perfect enough for him, he knows it, I know, everybody knows, he
deserve better than me, he deserve someone that could make him happy &
not a joke like me, I'm the disaster itself, I'm that beautiful disaster he'd never
known how to handle, I tried, I really tried to make this love last, but there's
a war inside my head that doesn't allow me to be happy, to do the things that
I really want to do & not just the impulses that comes to my mind, I'm that
reckless, broken & empty girl that you will never understand, I'm that problem
in your life that will go away to make you happy & for your own good, I'm
that foolish girl that though she'd found love this time, I'm the one that nobody
wants around, I'm just not good enough for you. I'm so dependent on people,
that's my problem, with you I still felt that I was lost but now without you
I feel nothing, I'm done. But don't worry, I can be another friend of the many
you have, it's ok for me, as long as you're happy.