Today is the international day of the Ice creams! I
don't know if you know this but at least Dairy Queen
gives away every year free ice creams. There's a DQ
near my high school, so the majority of the students had
their free ice cream because they went for one, some
people also said (Like always there will be critics) that
that was for poor people, blablabla haha my friend Danny,
Santi & I went for one in his car & while we arrived, we had
a nice time haha we went 2 times because the first time we
went, we needed to enter to class so we came back in recess
as you can see here are some photos of my friend so excited
to have his cone!! Also I went to eat with my dad Sushi, he
says that I'm always on my iPhone but now I have an evidence
that he is in the same situation that I with his iPhone! haha
now I'm off to go with my friends to a Tea Bar (: