This thursday I didn't go to school nor my brother, we didn't feel like
so good :( in the morning the gardener did a hole in our garden, then
my dad took our Rocky & buried him :( it was very sad. I did this
swans with paper to decorate his grave & now it looks pretty & quiet
my mother told me that now the garden will grow so beautiful(: & I
believe that! Also she told me that when our dogs die is because they
feel that something bad is gonna happen to us, so they sacrificed for us
:') that's so sweet, I still believe that dogs are the best friends of the men
& their love is pure & sincere, he always was waiting for my brother & I
to take his daily walk but this wednesday everything was so different :(
& all because of a reckless woman that didn't know how to drive u.u but
everything happens for a reason & as I said we had our little angel watching
us & taking care of us