His babys :')
I've been sad since this wednesday after the conferences :(
the thing is because when I was arriving from the Liceo School
my best friend & I was in the park & we heard my little brother
scream, so I run & discovered that a woman run over my dog :(
I was like I don't know, in panic, hysterical, afraid, shaking & well
crying like I've never did before, he died instantly because the blow
was in his spinal, he died in my brother's arms & now all my family is
very sad :( including me u.u he was my best friend & my little baby
we went to the veterinary to see if it was something to do but they told
us that the hit he received was mortal, he also had hemorrhage in the torax
& his blader exploded, so it there was only that he could have make it but
the spinal was broke so he died :'( she gave him to us wrapped in like a blanket
& we put him in 2 chairs with a light on all night :/ my mom told me that he
looked like a baby, & yeah I fell him like that too, but now we had a little
angel watching us(: he was such a good dog & we really loved him a lot!
but we cannot do anything when it comes to death. This are photos of
him since he was 2 months old, almost 6 years from now! he was a cuttie!
For me he was a Heart With Legs haha & the last one is a photo of his
offsprings, I gave one of them to my ex boyfriend so we hope when his
daughter have dogs that they're going to give us one, the mother of my ex
boyfriend will accept but I don't know if the douchebag of my ex will do :/