~tree following~

okay so i went out a few days ago and took some photos of our young rowan...

as you can see it is very leggy right now and there are tiny fuzzy buds slowly developing.
it sits on the left hand side of our garden facing south and so gets plenty of sun in the spring and summer, and although we had two very hot, early summers has never suffered...mainly because the 'grey water' drinks it was given.

as for the garden in general we have crocus and snowdrops flowering, and yesterday i noticed a few daffodils developing their buds.
other plants and trees are pushing out small buds and i am so pleased that the weather is slowly warming up now.
i think it is nearly dry enough to give our garden table, chairs and bench a cost of wood protector ready for the warm, sunny days ahead when i will be wanting to spend all of my time outside in my nook.

read:Essi Tolling
taste: pancakes
see: clouds
hear: water
smell: my home
touch: flynt
think: a trip out
feel: better