~of moots and mini festivals~

okay first things first
 a few posts back becky asked  about the stonewylde moot in may.

i think some of you here may well belong to the stonewylde community and/or/are have read kits amazing stonewylde books and are excitedly awaiting the publication of
shaman of stonewylde

...if you dont please go and have a look, buy the books and put aside a day to lose yourself in them!

anyway for those of you who have already have fallen in love but not seen the posting about our moot please pop into the forum where you will find some more information.

our gatherings/moots are growing from strength to strength.
it all started with a single day one october where a group of us met up in avebury for the day. the following year we held our first camp.

the camps have now evolved into a (with thanks to the campsite always allowing us to use their paddock and 'the barn'...you need to know the books for the significance of the barn...for as long as we need it) secret mini festival for this year we will have market stalls where those who craft can sell our wares, live music (we are lucky enough to have a few very talented guitarists among our friends), reiki, card reading and this year for the first time a drumming circle and chanting...and even more amazing we are having handfastings.

it really has developed into a special community and i am honoured to be a part of it


well i survived my haircut

actually i ended up having a bit more of a trim...

lately i have been feeling a bit


a bit bland, a bit sedate, a tad homogenised.

the few of you who read this and have met me know i am not one for dressing/looking the 'norm' so to speak and for a while i have been wondering what to do with my hair, i wanted somethig different.
last year i decided i wanted dreadlocks but had to really grow my hair much longer to take into account shrinkage.
but after seeing the state of someones hair who had just cut off her dreads at the free spirits camp in september i changed my mind.

so it was back to the drawing board so to speak.

then about a month ago i remembered how i had my hair some years back...actually make that over twenty years ago...which, by way of some googling not only made me realise it had a name...but also makes me aware just how far ahead i was in the fashion stakes back then (hahahaha...me? fashion? i think not!) for it only became something really linked with women...trendy if you will...a couple of years ago as seen in this newspaper article

way back when, my undercut went right round my head and i thought that was a bit much now so decided to just have the sides short.
so off i trotted into the village to see katy
she was expecting just a trim so i think this added a bit of excitement to her day when she brought the clippers over and we discussed which grade (i went for grade 5 as i was not sure how swampy would react!) and it goes about 2 inches above my ears...with my hair down it is not noticeable.

as i walked out of the village i saw swampy and flynt walking towards me and he did'nt notice what i had done until i actually showed him.

i love it, looking at some images on the internet some girls/women have it done and it looks very harsh, i think because of the way they have their hair and their general look.
this blog has a picture of a very nice 'girly' undercut...
 but katy has made mine look soft, maybe its the way i leave my hair to do its own wavy, curly thing.
anyway i love it and swampy after a good look decided it looks better than he initially thought.

anyway i have rambled on wayyyy to long, my next post will be my

tree follower~rowan post